Photo Jun 27, 8 52 28 PMAh, the Fourth of July. Here’s to our country’s 240th birthday. For the kids’ sake, the summer is in full-tilt. For the adults’ sake, this day hopefully is part of a long weekend. Either way, this day represents what makes the United States of America great. For my sake, this means a day spent with my friend named Barbecue.

Although Miami is considered the “Gateway to Latin America,” this does not signal a shortage of barbecue. If anything, it represents a barbecue melting-pot of sorts: you have a Brazilian churrascaria here, and an Argentinian asado there.

Getting back to the point, this is America and we’re going to party like it’s our birthdayPhoto Jun 26, 8 42 30 PM (…because it is). Therefore, I’m looking for some good ‘ole, down-home American BBQ.
To find it, look no further than the All-American Coral Gables establishment of Swine Southern Table & Bar.

The duo of General Manager, Gideon Horowitz, and Executive Chef and culinary personality, Ben Vaughn, have teamed-up to serve-up the finest, urbane luxury-chic BBQ in Miami. From the 14-Hour Smoker Brisket that cuts itself, to the savory, yet elegantly-plated 12-Hour Slow Braised Pork Shoulder, this stuff is no joke!

It doesn’t stop there. What’s an American BBQ without a cherry-on-top side dish? The team at Swine have you covered here, as well. From their complimentary Grits, to their ‘pig-tail’ Mac & Cheese. And wait! Might I mention their jalapeno, cheddar and bacon-stuffed Homemade Cornbread? This sounds like a meal well-consumed for an American boy like me.

Photo Jun 26, 8 26 22 PMAs you can see, any trip to Miami is incomplete without stopping by Swine Southern Table & Bar. But that’s the least of it. On America’s 240th birthday, find your barbecue amid the melting-pot that is Miami. And lastly ya’ll, it goes without saying…

…Happy Birthday, ‘Murica!

Nick Timko (@live_urbane_nt)