Photo Jun 19, 9 27 50 PM“Uno Cubano, por favor” – you may hear this phrase resonate throughout Miami upon arrival to the Magic City. No, I’m not talking about a member of Miami’s altruistic Cuban population. I’m talking about that mouth-watering, running-home-when-you-hear-the-dinner-bell-ring Cuban sandwich.

Pssst…you may have guessed it. You simply cannot find quality Mexican food around this joint.


You’ll have to dig for it, but it’s there. Believe me – this nose is infallible when it comes to Mexican food! Additionally, and because of Miami’s ever-growing transplant community (…and yes, I’m one of those who escaped the snow that haunts our country’s northern half), one can find amazing barbeque, burgers, Brazilian cuisine, Peruvian cuisine…must I continue?

And if you’re looking for drinks, you’ve stumbled-upon the hotbed for craft cocktails in the United States. Thanks to Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta and their globally-recognized FDSC_0133reehand Hotel establishment, The Broken Shaker, most existing and up-and-coming city bars have taken notice. And that’s a good thing…for locals and visitors alike!

Are you hungry yet? You’re certain to be thirsty in Miami’s eternal heat (…hence a basketball team named after this very thing). Be sure to follow along at Live Urbane, as we venture b
eyond the Ocean Drive dives, and both hankerings will surely ride off into one of those beautiful Miami sunsets.

Nick Timko (@live_urbane_nt)