Man, do we love ice cream! I mean, how could one not love ice cream in this sweltering, dead-of-summer heat that Miami endures annually? Lucky for us, others in Miami think the same and we found some of the best the city has to offer, just a short stroll away. Enter Lulu’s Ice Cream.

Lulu’s Ice Cream has it all figured-out: they keep the same sweet, unhealthy ice cream taste that we’ve all come to love, but in-turn partner with local farmers to craft each batch of ice cream from fresh ingredients. To add a hint of uniqueness to their blend, each batch is finished-off with a splash of liquid nitrogen.

Um…did I hear that correctly? Liquid nitrogen? Yes, liquid nitrogen.

The liquid nitrogen craze is sweeping the country among ice cream aficionados, and actually allows for smoother tasting ice cream. How do you ask? Because liquid nitrogen ice cream has not previously been placed in a freezer, it has not suffered freezer burn. Something that we never think about, is that freezer compressors continually cycle through temperatures, melting and refreezing foods. Once refroze, the ice crystals inside ice cream continue to grow larger and larger.

Liquid nitrogen on the other hand, is so cold (-321 degrees Fahrenheit) and freezes so quickly that it reduces the size of ice crystals within the ice cream, creating that smoother taste.

Ok, enough with the science lesson. Back to the ice cream.

After picking your ingredients at Lulu’s Ice Cream, which can range from seasonal kicks to the classics, the staff will mix-in their base of milk and cream, and then zap it with a bit of liquid nitrogen. This immediately creates a smoky haze (Frankenstein-esque), yet out pops an amazingly smooth tasting ice cream. And to help you conveniently cool down as we round-out the summer, Lulu’s Ice Cream now has two locations within the area: their newly-opened South Beach location along Alton Road, and just north of Downtown Miami on Biscayne Boulevard.

Enjoy and stay cool!

Nick Timko (@live_urbane_nt)

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  1. I love ice-cream too and have never tried any frozen with liquid nitrogen! Next time in Miami, I’ll have to check Lulu’s out!

  2. I am a huge fun of ice cream but I’ve never heard of Lulu’s liquid nitrogen Ice Cream before, sounds so inspiring! Looks delicious! I’d love to try it one day!

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