“Miami Vice, please!”Photo Jul 06, 6 38 41 PM

Nope, I’m definitely not talking about the 80’s drugs and murder sitcom set within Miami-proper. I am however, talking about our city’s half-Pina Colada, half-daiquiri creation (don’t forget the rum), better known as the Miami Vice.

As we wade into Miami’s Swim Week, the global pinnacle of swimwear connoisseurship, what better time than to highlight some of Miami’s finest Tiki-inspired cocktail creations? I mean, after watching bikinis strut the runways one must need a few Tiki drinks in their system, right?

In recent years, Miami’s cocktail scene as a whole has sprung-about to become more than just the aforementioned cruise ship favorite (oh, that Miami Vice). The individuals leading the charge: none other than Bar Lab’s James Beard-nominated team of Elad Zvi and Gabe Orta.

Photo Jul 06, 7 55 01 PMAfter racing their Miami / Chicago The Broken Shaker concept up the charts of the World’s 50 Best Bars, the team took to renovating the historic Magnum Lounge in 2016. The finished product, you ask? Enter The Anderson. Located in the heart of MiMo (79th Street and Biscayne Boulevard corridor), The Anderson is poised as a local neighborhood bar with an ambiance reminiscent of an 80’s piano lounge. But don’t let me forget the best part: The Anderson’s Tiki-hut inspired bar known as The Shack.

While pulling-up a chair at The Shack, one may consider a Miami summer to be hot enough, right? Wrong. Order-up The Shack’s Irv Blitzer cocktail and the bartending team will personally light your drink on fire. That’s right…on fire! The Irv Blitzer puts a new-age twist on the Tiki cocktail classic, the Zombie. This cocktail combines original-flavored and pineapple rum and apricot brandy, topped-off by half of a lime shell containing just a bit of that rum, ignited!

Got room for seconds? The Irv Blitzer is just the beginning of a great night mingling with locals at The Anderson (I personally recommend the Nice Melons cocktail for Rd. 2, as this drink mixes cachaça, pisco and a whole bunch of Tiki yumminess).

DSC_0105Miami has many nicknames: ‘The Magic City’, ‘The Gateway to Latin America’, ‘The Swimwear Capital of the World’, etc. etc. After living in this city, and due partly to the work of the Bar Lab team, Miami can arguably toast to being ‘The Cocktail Capital of America’ (…if not the world). While in town for Swim Week and to experience this firsthand, please step away from the Miami Vice. Get yourself over to The Anderson!

Nick Timko (@live_urbane_nt)